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The deadline for submissions is Sunday 17 December 2017. Applicants must ensure that their grant proposals are in word or pdf format and that they are sent by email to: (see submission information below).

Call has been extended to the 5th of January.

On Wednesday, the Turkish judge ruled that two human rights trainers and six human rights activists belonging to the so-called Istanbul 10* may await their trial in freedom.


Photo: KMTHouse

Hivos seeks concept notes from collectives, creative hubs and groups of content creators in the audio-visual sector in order to encourage the production of more independent work and content and to support those initiatives to become more independent, self-sufficient and to reach larger audiences. This open call is directed to initiatives that are currently based in Morocco.

100 DAYS OF LEARNING is the 2017 programme – and final edition - of knowledge platform Age of Wonderland, a global learning programme initiated by Hivos and Baltan Laboratories in 2014.

On September 22, websites of international NGOs and regional and local organizations all over the world turned their home pages blank. So did Hivos. We were protesting against the oppression of active citizens and organizations who want their voices to be heard, who want to gather or demonstrate peacefully. We went silent in solidarity with those who have been silenced against their will.

Today, women in Lebanon are fighting for equal access to opportunities and rights without prejudice against their gender, their expectations and their careers. This fight requires attention for and analysis of the deep-rooted patriarchal structures that by their very nature exclude women.