Call for participation: Training Programme on Internet Governance and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa

December 20, 2012

The quest for an open and a free of government control Internet in the Arab countries has brought the need to engage more Internet users from the region in the global discussion about Internet Governance and the policies specific to the Internet environment.

While the concept of Internet Governance is not widespread in the Arab region, and it may sound technical and complicated, it is in fact related to the overall process of Internet management, its security, stability and development. There is lack of understanding and knowledge amongst most Arab Internet users about the regional and global policy environment related to the Internet which impedes their full participation and integration in the discussion as main stakeholders. Therefore, engaging Arab Internet users in the regional and global debate about Internet Governance requires building knowledge on the subject.

The Humanist Institute for Development  Cooperation (Hivos),, is organising a training programme on Internet Governance and policy in the Arab region between from 16 to 19 March  2013 in Tunis in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom,