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Contemporary Audio-visual content in 21st Century Lebanon Call for Concept Notes

Call has been extended to the 5th of January.

Hivos seeks concept notes from collectives, creative hubs and groups of content creators in the audio-visual sector in order to encourage the production of more independent work and content and to support those initiatives to become more independent, self-sufficient and to reach larger audiences. This open call is directed to initiatives that are currently based in Lebanon. Besides artistic imagination, the production of independent and conscious work that challenges or questions norms in society will be an important factor in the jury’s decision-making. You can download the call in French and Arabic from the right sidebar.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

This call is primary directed to:

  1. Entities that are or are representing communities of makers and content creators in the audio-visual sector such as: spaces, groups of artists, music studio’s, hubs, cafés, art spaces, art galleries, production houses, networks of artists and producers, online platforms, collectives, coworking spaces focusing on the creative industry;
  2. Entities should be working with content producers that are working in one or more of the following audio-visual sectors:
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Comics / Cartoons
  • Animation
  • Poetry / Slam poetry / Spoken word
  • Storytelling
  • Music
  • Rap / Hip hop
  • DJ-ing
  • VJ-ing
  • Radio shows/ Radio Series/ Pod-casts  TV show / TV series/ Online channels
  • Short film / video
  • Feature film / Documentary
  • Vlogging
  • Visual Art (Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Digital Art)
  • Sculpture (objects)
  • Mixed media installations
  • Performance Virtual reality
  • Videogame
  • Other (specify)

3. Entities should make use of the digital means to strategically distribute their content to their audiences (e.g. through online channels as YouTube, Spotify, etc.);

4. Entities could produce content/work that aims to show alternative points of views on big issues affecting society and challenges or question certain norms in society. It could enhance debates and show alternative points of view to mainstream societal narratives. This type of work is often called socially engaged work or conscious work;

5. Eligible country:  Lebanon;

6. The requested amount should be between EUR 7,500 and 25,000.


Step 1: Submission of concept notes by  5 January 2018;

Step 2: Selection by a selection commission (Grant Recipients will be notified shortly after);

Step 3: Intake assessments on organizational and financial eligibility;

Step 4: Co-creation process with Hivos team of the final proposal/activities;

Step 5: Contracting: January 2018.


Applications are accepted in Arabic, French, and English. The concept notes must be no longer than 3 pages with the following sections:

  1. Name of the entity, focus country/countries and representative that will sign the agreement if the grant is awarded;
  2. Start and estimated end date of the project;
  3. The requested amount (In EUR);
  4. Short description of your  work/ practice and the mission of your organization;
  5. An example of a previous creative work that was produced by you or one of the members of your organization that provides alternative points of view on big issues affecting society and that challenges or questions a certain norm in society;
  6. Brief outline of what you would like to do with the grant. Try to be as concrete as possible. Please describe how the project is challenging norms in society; and
  7. Brief outline of proposed activities, including a simple schedule, time frame or step-by-step list.

Deadline and other Requirements

The deadline for submissions is 5 January 2018. Applicants must ensure that their concept notes are in word or pdf format and that they are all sent by email to: