Disrupt/Media in Tunis to focus on digital storytelling

October 9, 2014

The Tunisian coworking space Cogite and Hivos will co-organise the “Disrupt!/Media!” ideathon in Tunis from October 17 to 19. This second Disrupt event will focus on Digital Storytelling initiatives.

As part of the Mideast Creatives programme, Hivos and its partners are setting up the Disrupt Series. Mideast Creatives (MEC) is the first programme to support creative industries in the Middle East. The goal is to support creative entrepreneurs through coworking spaces, viewed as an essential element of the region’s start-up economies. The MEC programme is also organising business courses for entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Many talented young people from the creative industries – from writers, software programmers, filmmakers to designers – want to start their own enterprise. However, they often suffer from a professionalisation gap. At the beginning they are in immediate need of marketing skills (especially through social media and ICTs), financial and legal expertise, and must manage sustainability and human resources.

Disrupt is one of the MEC training sessions; a three-day ideathon specifically focused on entrepreneurial starters in the creative sector. The Disrupt Series consists of the disciplines design, media, film, music and games. Its goal is to render start-up companies in the creative industry independent of institutional donor money and enable them to tackle more innovative and dynamic business modelling techniques for the future.

The Disrupt ideathons specifically target creative entrepreneurs in the early idea stage of the business cycle. Each ideathon will provide around 25 creative entrepreneurs with the tools to transform their ideas into investment-ready commercial business plans.

Creative entrepreneurs will be selected based on the innovative potential of their start-up and their potential to reach a regional audience. Artists such as designers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, storytellers and animators will develop their ideas and business plans with the support and guidance of experienced mentors. During these three days they will meet and cooperate with fellow entrepreneurs, programmers and investors. At the end of the training the participants will pitch their business plan to a panel of judges – entrepreneurs and investors – who will select three winners.

By organising Disrupt sessions on business models within the creative industry we want to draw attention to the sustainability of the media, arts and culture sectors.