Hanaa Edwar awarded Arab Woman of the Year

November 26, 2013

Hivos proudly congratulates Hanaa Edwar and her organisation Al-Amal for being awarded Arab Woman of the Year, one of the nine Arab Achievements Awards of Takreem Initiative.

Hanaa Edwar has been awarded Takreem’s Arab Woman of the Year 2013 Award. She received this award for her distinctive hard work, courage and successes in the field of gender equality, women’s rights and empowering women to participate in society and political life. Hanaa Edwar is Secretary-General of the Iraqi Al-Amal Association, one of Hivos’ key partners in Iraq.

Al-Amal administers the Iraqi Women Network, an office that promotes outreach amongst local women organisations by enhancing relations with many international organisations as well as involving women in different activities and training courses. One of Al-Amal’s biggest achievements was the Parliament quota for women which guarantees that 25 percent of the MPs are female.

Making Arabs proud

The Takreem Initiative, based in Beirut and founded by Lebanese media and television producer Ricardo Karam, has been granting Arab Achievements Awards since 2010. The awards highlight distinguished Arab men and women in the field of culture, education, science, the environment, social progress and the economy. The Arab Woman of the Year award was one of the nine Arab Achievements Awards handed out this year during the ceremony at the Arab World Institute in Paris on 14 November. All under the motto: “Make 350 Million Arabs Proud”.

An old aquaintance

Hivos has been cooperating with the Iraqi Al-Amal Association for a decade. Hivos and Al-Amal recently started two ambitious programmes, to be implemented throughout Iraq. The ‘Women Power in Politics’ programme focuses on supporting women to participate in political life  and successfully run for elections, and will culminate in the federal parliamentary elections scheduled for 30 April 2014. The other programme focuses on capacity development of civil society throughout Iraq, in particular human rights defenders and women’s rights activists.

According to Marcel van der Heijden, manager of these programmes at Hivos, “Hanaa Edwar richly deserves this award. She is one of the most remarkable and inspiring women I know. I am happy for her and her colleagues, and to be honest, I am proud myself as well”.