Hivos Provides Analysis to BBC on the Support to Media Freedoms and Rights in Syria

October 24, 2012

 The BBC has acknowledged Hivos’s Knowledge Programme Civil Society in West Asia as a source of literature on Syrian society and politics and Hivos’s support to Syrian activists.

In a text box dedicated to Hivos work in Syria, BBC highlights “The work of Hivos in Syria, Iran and Iraq is coordinated by a dedicated team and managed at the Hivos head office in the Netherlands. At present, Hivos supports online initiatives, including Global Voices and Mideast Youth, an online news site set up by a Syrian.

Marjan Besuijen, Hivos’s Programme Specialist on ICT and Media, explains “In country we haven’t done anything in Syria with media. It’s impossible now to work inside. We support initiatives such as the annual Arab bloggers conference. We do regional stuff and try to find Syrian activists or people to join us”.

To highlight the importance of knowledge generation on Syria, the case case refers to Knowledge Programme Civil Society in West Asia “Hivos also has a Knowledge Programme, a collaboration between practitioners and academics to develop knowledge on key issues for the work of civil society organisations (CSOs) and the wider development sector, working closely with CSOs, academic centres and think tanks worldwide, including in the Middle East. The resulting policy papers and newsletters are useful contributions to the literature on media and civil society in Syria”.