NETmundial marks a new era of Global Internet Governance

May 13, 2014

By Hanane Boujemi of

NETmundial was a unique meeting convened by the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff to discuss the Internet Governance (IG) principles and the roadmap of the IG ecosystem. The meeting was convened following the Snowden revelations which shook up the entire IG process, but helped this topic to become mainstream at the global level. Even though the outcome document of NETmundial was not satisfactory—especially from the perspective of civil society and Human Rights advocates present—the meeting was a useful exercise to see how multi-stakeholders negotiated vis-à-vis maintaining public interest on the Internet as a public good. 

 The meeting attempted to merge two disputed principles: multilateral and multi-stakeholder, while discussing Internet Governance issues which are widely perceived as complicated . It’s no surprise that it took a whole day to go through the keynote speeches of 30 speakers representing all stakeholders, including a historical moment for Brazil when President Rousseff signed the Marco Civil da Internet which was freshly approved by the senate the previous night. 

The discussion of the outcome document—which synchronised all the contributions, including 840 comments submitted remotely from around the world.

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