Two Hivos partners win Best of Blogs Awards 2013

May 8, 2013

Tactical Tech Collective and Mideast Youth are both winners in the Best of Blogs Award (BOBS) 2013 –  a prestigious competition started and sponsored by the international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.

The BOBs awards honour websites in 14 languages that champion freedom of expression  and the open exchange of ideas. When the awards were launched in 2004, blogs were just beginning to establish themselves as a form of communication. The Bobs wanted to show why they should be taken seriously by pointing out examples of the excellent work being done online to foster dialogue across language barriers.

Hivos partner Tactical Tech won an award for being most creative and original. Tactical Tech’s collective site helps Internet users visualise the traces of information they leave behind every time they go on the internet. Me & My Shadow‘s friendly graphics demystify often complex issues around online security and privacy.

Hivos partner Mideast Youth won in the ‘Best Blog English’ category. According to the jury, “The group behind the project has repeatedly come up with innovative and well designed ways to address issues of freedom of expression, access to information and minority rights”.

The Bobs Awards this year received over 4,200 submissions, out of which 34 were honoured. Amongst them, the Mauritanian author Ahmed Jedou, a prominent contributor to the MEY Arabic blog  and GlobalVoicesOnline, won in the ‘Best Blog Arabic’ category. 

Tactical Tech is an international NGO working to enable the effective use of information for progressive social change. It focuses on new technology use by civil society groups in developing countries and aims to strengthen social technology movements and networks in developing and transition countries, as well as promote civil society’s effective, conscious and creative use of new technologies.

Tactical Tech has been a Hivos partner for the past 8 years and has trained other partners of ours who work in the global South, as well as individual human rights activists and other advocates worldwide.

Since 2006, Mideast Youth has been creating platforms and web applications that amplify diverse and progressive voices advocating for change throughout the Middle East and North Africa using digital media. It provides young people with the opportunity to freely express themselves online and focuses on access to information, free speech and minority rights. Its sites are designed to be tools in the hands of those collaborating to seek social change in a repressive environment.  Mideast Youth has been a Hivos partner since 2010.