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Women’s Empowerment

Hivos believes that all women and girls should have control over their lives and be able to actively participate in social, political and economic spheres, so we work tirelessly with various human rights instruments in support of communities’ and countries’ efforts towards gender equality. 

For decades, we have partnered with frontrunners of change and social justice to further women’s rights and lobby for new laws protecting women against discrimination and sexual and domestic violence. Read more

Key Focal Areas

  • 'Mideast Creatives – Coworking for Sustainable Employment' is all about developing the full potential of young people and specifically young women in the Arab world.

  • Each year, hundreds of thousands of Asian (and increasingly African) women migrate to become a domestic worker in GCC countries to make a living for their families.

  • Women Empowered for Leadership (WE4L) is a five-year programme (2016-2020) managed by Hivos and implemented together with local partners in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan and Lebanon.

  • The “Women on the Frontline” initiative is a powerful response to the rightful demands of women in the MENA region for gender equal

  • Women standing in solidarity with Syrian detainees and martyrs

    Hivos invests in innovative programmes and partners throughout West Asia that promote women’s empowerment and advance women’s rights, including sexual and reproductive rights.

  • Below you will find our current and recent women's empowerment projects. Those at the top with photos are projects in the spotlight.